Company Profile









Found in 2010.

Based in Shenzhen.

Devoted to interior lighting products design and manufacture

Specialize in mechanical and electrical engineering.






It’s a young team, all the team members are born after 1990s. Open-minded, enthusiastic and creative are the features of this generation. As the pioneers of the company, we focus on customer service and marketing research for current and future.
Our engineers are working in lighting field for over 10 years including mechanical and electrical part. They grow up with Norming and always keep an eye on the latest lighting technology, it makes them respond to the market and customers’ need very quickly.
QC System
Be serious when it comes to QC system, our QC team is serious on what are they doing. Know the standard very well, skillful at the testing equipment and being strict on quality control from incoming material to finished product.
Standardize process is the key factor to make our production team effective. From SMT, DIP, assembly, aging to package, every worker in the production chain is well-trained before they start working. With the help of PIE(Process Integration Engineer) and QC team, our production team is growing up more effective and healthier.
Our warehouse is well organized by following ISO 9001 standard. There are separated zones for incoming raw material, raw material, finished products and sensitive electrical components. By this way, we find a easy and effective way to support production team for production and sales team for shipment.
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