Ticklock™ is auxiliary structure using in track light rotational structure which could avoid bad user experience from loosening. It can provide additional friction when the track arm rotating and effectively fix the track arm. Also, user can enjoy the comfortable clock-ticking sound from rotating.


Neotilt™ is an aesthetically invisible-screw rotational structure using in gimbal downlight. It can offer durable friction and adjust the tightness of the rotation. Also, you can adjust the strength of the rotation.

DIM To Warm

Dim to warm LED simulates the color tones of halogens.
It likes sunset to sunrise, gives you a circadian lighting.
It will dim from 1800k to 3000k.


SunLike fundamentally transforms LED lighting technology by removing the
blue LED light source and replacing it with a purple light LED chip. Seoul
Semiconductor is bringing the closest light to the sun to market.
An ordinary LED spectrum is very different to sunlight, whereas SunLike’s
spectrum is almost the same. Objects lit by SunLike appear as they would
in sunlight.

SunLike enables human-centric lighting optimized for circadian rhythms.

Pre-Set Button

Make one stock for various needs.
Pre-set tri-color-temperature switch for diverse needs.

Switch On & Off

Tri-color-temperature setting by wall switch.
Easy operation to setting and memory color temperature.