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Low Glare 10W Dimmable LED Downlight

Low Glare 10W Dimmable LED Downlight

Low Glare 10W Dimmable LED Downlight

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Model No.:: DL34-10
Price Terms:: EXW
Payment Terms:: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Delivery Time:: 7-10working days
Minimum Order:: 100 piece
Warranty:: 3 years
Package:: 36pcs per carton

Low Glare 10W Dimmable LED Downlight

This series is maximum to control both the height and glare in 10 Watts, it create the architectural possibility of having classic deep frame design in reasonable height.

Input Voltage200-240V
DimensionΦ90.5mm *H72mm
CCT2700K /3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Lumen Output



Beam Angle

15˚/24˚/36˚/ 60˚(Lens)

15˚/28˚/40˚/ 60˚(Reector)

IP Rating
Frame ColourWhite/Black

Data Sheet:

Low-glare Downlight【Max】Introduction.pdf

DL34-10 Data Sheet.pdf

DL34-10 Dimmer Compatibility Test.pdf

Test Reports:


DL34-10-XX-01 2700K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 2700K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 2700K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 2700K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 2700K 80RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 2700K 90RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 80RA 28D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 90RA 28D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 2700K 80RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 2700K 90RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 80RA 40D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 90RA 40D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 2700K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 2700K 90RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 2700K 90RA 60D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 3000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 3000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 80RA 24D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 90RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 80RA 28D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 90RA 28D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 80RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 3000K 90RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 80RA 40D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 90RA 40D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 3000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 3000K 90RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 3000K 90RA 60D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 4000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 4000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 4000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 4000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 4000K 80RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 4000K 90RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 80RA 28D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 90RA 28D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 4000K 80RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 4000K 90RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 80RA 40D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 90RA 40D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 4000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 4000K 90RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 4000K 90RA 60D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 5000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 5000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 5000K 80RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-02 5000K 90RA 15D.pdf

DL34-10-XX-01 5000K 80RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 5000K 90RA 24D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 80RA 28D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 90RA 28D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 5000K 80RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 5000K 90RA 36D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 80RA 40D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 90RA 40D.pdf
DL34-10-XX-01 5000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-01 5000K 90RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 80RA 60D.pdfDL34-10-XX-02 5000K 90RA 60D.pdf
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